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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Top Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking Experts in 2018

February 03, 2018 13

Introduction to Digital Marketing:

In olden days very less usage of digital products or services. But now not like a old days technology is changing and growing very fast. With technology growth in the world people becoming very busy in utilizing technology and growth of the  knowledge from child is growing.
As the usage of technology is increased in the people ....the marketing of products and services through digital is increased.
There are many digital marketing techniques and platforms are increased now a days....As the digital marketing techniques are increased the digital marketing and growth hacking experts are increased.
So Now I 'm Revealing the Top Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking Experts.

Neil Patel:
Neil Patel is a tremendous person who makes millions of people to follow him  and making people to learn digital marketing skills and strategies through his blog Quicksprout. His tutorials are easy and detailed with his real time case studies. He is the founder of crazyegg, Hellobar and KISSmetrics.
Connect with Neil on: 
Rand Fishkin: 
Rand Fishkin is a well known person in digital marketing industry and SEO. He is a founder and CEO of Moz and popular host for the whiteboard friday in Moz blog. Rand Fishkin is author of two popular books they are Art of SEO, and Inbound Marketing & SEO.
Connect with Rand on: 
Barry Schwartz:
Barry Schwartz is a Editor of huge popular blog search engine roundtable and highly referred as a pulse  and  important person in all digital marketing communities.He is also a Editor of popular blog search engine land. Barry Schwartz is always a first person to inform any latest updates of google algorithm  in the blog search engine roundtable.
Connect with Barry on: 
Danny Sullivan:
Danny Sullivan is a known and famous editor at Marketing Land and he is the main person of  search engines and search engine marketing issues and troubleshoots. Danny Sullivan is with busy schedule but still maintains his own blog  Daggle.
Connect with Danny on: 
Chanakya Kyatham
Chanakya Kyatham is a Founder of chanuhacktricks a Tech News Portal and also works as a  Growth Evangelist consultant for many companies and businesses from startup to MNC in all global locations to improve their organic traffic, organic search visibility in search engines, search engine and web  Return on Investment. Chanakya Kyatham is an expert in tech, International, and multi-device SEO, SMO, SMM, SEM and many other Digital Marketing projects.
Connect with Chanakya Kyatham on: 
Website: chanuhacktricks
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